lørdag 3. august 2013

mandag 13. mai 2013

søndag 28. april 2013

Their first child, a son is born today: congratulations!

søndag 21. april 2013

16 stones

Stoplesteinan. One january late afternoon; dull light? I'll go back there with a camera some time later, nice place.

søndag 14. april 2013

odd iron

Camera: Canon dial

onsdag 10. april 2013

what was

Finally the snow has meltet in my neighbourhood, and next ...step: Spring!
Camera: Canon dial

mandag 1. april 2013


From a small bog in my neighbourhood.
Camera: Canon dial.

mandag 25. mars 2013

Camera: Holga 120N

fredag 15. mars 2013

a diamond, for you

Camera: Canon dial half-frame

fredag 8. mars 2013

fredag 1. mars 2013

London salesmen

...it's all about flowers!

lørdag 16. februar 2013

at Orre beach

Camera: Holga 120N

søndag 10. februar 2013

1/4 of a London eye

...rainy day, going by bus in London - red light - a short moment for to capture the famous London Eye through the bus window.

lørdag 2. februar 2013

lørdag 19. januar 2013

ketchup and farris

At "Fiskeriets dag", Egersund harbour, old boat engine running -  ketchup and farris: Handy bottles!

søndag 6. januar 2013

Christmas is out! 13. dag jul.

13. dags jul: On its second day outdoor, my proud Christmas tree is covered by snow, and its authority is...falling.

tirsdag 1. januar 2013


I am always looking for an Y cross for photo subject, both in cities, and in nature.
...one will have to choose, either one way, or the other.

Happy New Year, and good luck with YOUR choices - in 2013..